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Audio Reimagined with Octtone

The 8D Music player that is changing the game

About Octtone

The Octtone music player is sleek, fast and responsive. It features an animated gradient that selects colors directly from a song's album art. This allows our app to feel dynamic and constantly moving.

Users can download songs into their library from Octtone's catalog of music and stream them on the go. They can customize the way their audio sounds in real-time.

Octtone converts any song into the style of Spatial Audio, often called 8D Music. It also allows for background playback of these songs and contains the functionality of a traditional streaming service.

Spatial audio creates an effect that is often described as music circling the head and is considered by many to be a more fully immersive listening experience.



Himanshu Minocha


University of Illinois

Himashu Minocha is an computer science major at the University of Illinois.20 awards at the regional, state and international level. He has also developed apps seen by millions of people


Avi Arora


Georgia Institute of Technology

Avi Arora is a computer science major at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has published 2 iOS applications to the app store. He has professional experience in UX and Design.


Rohan Minocha


Rohan has extensive experience in app development. He currently has 2 patents pending and has won over a dozen awards in the field of computer science.


Take a look at our promotional video above and experience the sleek and intuitive design of the Octtone app.

Audio Demo

Experience the audio generated by our Spatial Audio Algorithm. Headphones are required for a full experience.

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